Rome Eternal - City Self Tour

Rome Eternal - City Self Tour

By Miziker Entertainment Group Ltd.

Score: 3.25
From 4 Ratings


Rome Eternal is SelfTour’s newest GPS assisted walking tour and first outside of the U.S., uses your smartphone to lead you with turn-by-tour Voice Guidance through one of the most visited cities in the world! - A complete circle walk of Rome’s most famous ancient, romantic and hard-to-find sites plus Vatican City. - Visit over 50 historically significant and famous locations, palaces and plazas, including the Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Castel Sant’ Angelo, St. Peter’s Basillica, the Campo de Floria outdoor market, and stroll down the Via Corso where visiting Kings once made their grand entries into Rome. - Hear a recreation of the sounds of a parade of soldiers victoriously returning to ancient Rome once the most powerful city in the world. - Plus fascinating tales of the historic characters who lived here over the city’s 2000+ years of history. A Delightful Experience! Talented voice actors, including a native Italian who brings his own personal input, perform the descriptions. The style is entertaining, underscored with classic Italian music. The descriptions have been thoroughly researched providing accurate information. Photos of each location verify you are looking at what is being described. It is an experience you will long remember for a fraction of the cost of other tours. You’re in control! The easy-to-use exclusive SelfTour™ smartphone system ensures an enjoyable, stress free, full-circle walking tour on your own schedule, at your own pace. No waiting for others! You can join the tour at any location, stop anywhere along the way to enjoy some traditional Italian food, or just a glass of wine, and continue again. And it is a complete circle tour so you end up where you started. The GPS always shows you where you are so you can’t get lost. There are no advertisements and an Internet connection is not needed. Just download and go! For more information go to our website SelfTour.Guide. Here you’ll also discover more great SelfTour audio walks, and drives… and you can leave us your comments. If there’s a tour worth taking, it’s worth taking a SelfTour! Now… walk through Eternal Rome! ### SelfTour™ is a trademark of SelfTour Audio Adventures



  • Just perfect for me

    By Skeptical22
    When you’re a tourist, you start to get overloaded with information on one place then another and you end up forgetting everything. I thought this tour gave just the right amount of information to keep you interested and the guides sounded nice and friendly. I also thought the directions given were clear, even for directionally challenged me! Definitely worth it.
  • hoping for more...

    By KatelynEKeane
    Easy map, and it was nice to have a whole tour laid out and see the big named sites - offline! However when we got to each site I was sadly disappointed in the lack of history and information provided in each site. I was hoping for more, as that is why I purchased this app. Also, you can’t listen to the app without having your phone on the app, open, the entire time, so it ate up my phone battery.
  • Fantastic app

    By Sarah L129
    Visit, learn in a charming way!


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